Memories You Could Capture

Possible Memories

Possible Memories

Your Kid’s Sporting Events

Baseball, Basketball, Football, Hockey, Lacross, etc


Kids, adults, whatever!

New Born Photos

At the hospital or when you get home or both.

Hidden Proposal Videos

(Going to propose, let us help brainstorm the scenario and have all the proper logistics in place to capture a moment you will NEVER forget) - Plus it may go Viral, so that’s cool too.


Graduation, or graduation parties, or both

Group Photos

Have a group of friends coming to town that you don’t get to see that often? Capture that with us


Record your thoughts about someone, life, lessons, etc. Give them a gift of your wisdom now, or add it to your will.

Music Videos

Yes, that’s an option too.

Magic Memories

Have an idea for a photo of you sitting in front of a Lion with a gorgeous sunset behind you? We can do that, too


Restaurants, realtors, the service industry, etc, get some social media content with us. We won’t charge you extra just because you’re a business!


Let us come snap some cute pics of your favorite four legged friends. (try putting a little picture of themselves on the wall where their food/water is. Maybe they’ll feel even more loved!)

Bachelor Or Bachelorette Parties

Sure why not! We’ll be discreet and make sure only the moments you want immortalized are captured and leave the potential embarrassing ones to fade away.

Grandparents Shoot

You’ll be glad you got these done, and if you want to bring the whole family, I’m sure they’d love that! We’ll go to them, or meet you at a location to capture Grandma and/or Grandpa smiling from ear to ear.

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