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People always take portraits in studios and in scenic areas. That’s fine. That’s not what Huntsville Memories was built for. We were built for the REAL moments. The MEMORIES of life that end up either being completely lost due to no photos/videos taken, or the moment being impeded by YOU having to take the photos/videos.

Got a sporting event coming up with one of your kids but forgot to buy a $10k camera that can properly capture the moments from afar? Huntsville Memories has your back. What about a birthday, family reunion, Back Yard BBQ? We’ll be there, locked and loaded with a high end camera and drone to capture the memory so you can ENJOY the moment.

Traditional photographers charge by the print, and even more if you want the digital copies. We don’t play that game. You get ALL of your digital files AND raw files with even our lowest package. You can do with them as you please, have us edit a few, or just post them straight to your social media as is. YOU CHOOSE!

We want you to think of us as your Batman of capturing memories. You throw up the bat signal and we’ll swoop in to capture that moment. On-Demand, for whatever your event is! No more pretentious photo shoots with corny back drops and cheesy props. Those are fine, but they’re not authentically YOU. You will ALWAYS appreciate real moments captured over manufactured happiness.

With us, you are ALWAYS in control of what happens. Maybe you just want to throw them on social media as is, or maybe you want a few edited. Either way, we’ve got you covered and won’t pressure you either way. We promise to NEVER do hard sales or pressure you to buy more. If you want more edits, just tell us! Otherwise, we will catch you on the next shoot. And most importantly, we will NEVER hold your memories hostage. You get EVERY digital file, EVERY time, no matter what. You can print it right away, or 20yrs down the road.

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